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Valley, ODG Hotel Langdale, Lake Distric

Christmas Opening Times

We hope you have a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Here's our opening times for the holiday season 2023 for both bar and hotel.

The Climbers Bar

23rd - 1pm : 10.30pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)

24th - Closed

25th - Closed

26th - Closed

27th - 1pm : 11pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)

28th - 1pm : 11pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)

29th - 1pm : 11pm (kitchen closes at 8pm)

30th - 1pm : 11pm (kitchen closes at 8.30pm)

31st - 1pm :  mightnight (kitchen closes at 8pm)

1st Jan - 1pm : 10:30pm

The Hotel

Closed 17th Dec - 28th Dec

Closed 14th Jan - 22nd Jan

You can still book online here.

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